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   The name of the company,  is derived from the name of  founder and main designer of the brand, Alicia Stanska.

   Alicia, artist,  designer, had a vision of introducing soft, hand embroidery to surfaces that were previously considered unfavorable for it. After years of improving embroidery techniques and materials science, she delved deeper into exploring technological possibilities to create decorative and functional materials for both unique individual and public interiors. This led her to collaborate with architect Tomasz Tarnowski, and together they established a family company that fulfils the dreams of discerning customers and art collectors. Alicia has graduated ecole Lesage, school of haute couture techniques in Paris

   STANSKA Maison is a family brand that collaborates with the best technologists, craftsmen and ateliers. Each collection represents the collective work of numerous artisans, including embroiderers, carpenters, varnishers, technologists, designers, and managers. They all contribute to realizing the brand's vision and uncompromising philosophy.

   Furthermore, the brand consciously selects partners with a long-standing tradition of craftsmanship, as part of its commitment to supporting and preserving dying professions.



Detail Detail Detail

We believe that no machine can replace the work of human hands.
We invest in Life Force Energy of a Handcraft.  




   Hundreds or even thousands of working hours. Kilometers of threads and carefully selected upholstery fabrics of the highest quality. The love for hand embroidery is the beginning of STANSKA brand. We specialize in many techniques, but our favorite is the 17th century French luneville embroidery. Once adorning royal robes, today thanks to us - homes and architectural materials.


   The Founder of the brand is an expert in luneville embroidery. Choosing a team to work with, she personally trains embroiderers to develop a brand style so characteristic and lofty for herself. Each project begins with a vision of an embroidery, not a shape or a utility function.


   Respecting traditions and techniques is key, but the embroidery design we offer goes beyond the stereotypical thinking about the needle craft. Thanks to this approach,

we offer our clients something they have never seen before.

Artist and main inspirational designer 
Alicia Stanska is 

from 2015 until the pandemic in 2021
was a Member of 
Branding Premium Program Crystals

In 2022 at biennale of Art&Craft in Paris

was presented all Products collections 
ART | CRAFT | N•DECOR | DeSIGN | ArtDeco'r

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and now 

STANSKA are inviting to


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